” young lions in a different way (in venice) “

Piazza San Marco , Venezia October 2 2018 , photographs by Rinaldo Rasa.



We spent years, centuries and millenia trying to figure out what is Art and what is not Art.

We spent years, centuries and millenia trying to figure out what is Art and what is not Art. Some philosophers thought it represents the decadence of the human being, others think it is the sublime. Marcel Duchamp has drawn the moustaches on the MonnaLisa, Filippo Marinetti futurist wanted to ruin Venice etc. Open a book of art history you can find the name of these artists as icona of modernity.

How ordinary people can become famous ? or rising up the daily life with a bit of emotion ? It is two methods : being a creative or a destroyer. The second method is represented by Herostratus, the man that has torched the Temple hence became famous during the centuries for this thing.

Last week a bunch of students of Accademia of Beaux Arts of Venice in the night have defaced the statue of a small lion ( il leoncino) of Sain Mark Square in Venice. They have painted with a spray can of red color the eyes of the statue. At the first time the hooligans were unknown then one of them confessed to police the thing.

In Italy nowadays it is not worst as in the past time, anyway it seems will be a good end. The Venice Mayor talked with the students and a staff of art restoration technicians say it is possible removing the acrylic paint from the eyes of the statue.

Again and again it is not be resolved if it is better to be a Leonardo da Vinci or an Herostratus.






i ask to you dear aficionado(s),
please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s)
outside the experienceofthinking
sunday october 07 2018 

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