” remembrance day 2018 in venice “


These metal plaquettes are on the door step of this home here stay in memory of a family (four persons) arrested and captured in december 1943 here in Venice and deported in Auschwitz where they were murdered in 1944 .

In the day when it seems that the furious right political party today here in Italy has the force to get the government hence it seems a danger time for the future .

In Italy during the past century the fascism had the statal power and the masses supported it. I am sorry to say but Italy has invented fascism hence as italian citizen I am worried about the possibility that the extreme right party have the power.

In 1938 the Italian Parliament voted the racial laws in Italy (an eternal shame to my ancestors). The people, at that time, voted for the fascist party and acclaimed a leader for the masses.


In the second post war period (after the disaster of second world war) the people said ‘we voted for Mussolini and his crazy political program because we did not think he was serious ‘.
but the fascists really made what they have programmed : the extermination of the Other ones (whatever this means, jews, communists, blacks, socialists, africans and so on).


I borned in a time when Democracy was a common sense thought, now that i am near to my sixty-eight years old into the flow of History, a retrospective looking the past it seems that what was absolute is becoming relative.


These plaquettes are in Strada Nova a street “calle”  in Venice where people walk a lot of people every day.
Sincerely i do not know if somebody know what are these plaquettes. Anyway these plaquettes represent the memento that tell us : do not joke with Politics because it is not a joke. If you vote a crazy man as your leader he will do crazy things in your name. Be aware good people!












i ask to you dear aficionados, please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s) outside the experienceofthinking sunday january 28 2018