sunday wheather report.may 23, 2021

I got in Venice throught the Liberty Bridge looking at the Lagoon that show with low tide: there some fishermen working collecting oysters, each with half a body in the water.
When I was child I thought that Venice were surrounded by deep sea, a sort of ocean around the old city, but a day I saw the bottom of the lagoon emerge and Venice somehow lost his image, a bit childhood disappointment.

Carlo Goldoni, the enlightened venetian playwright, depicted in a statue (near Rialto Bridge)

a view from the Rialto Bridge

Guggenheim museum

street art

venetian cats

at the end of the summer one early morning in Burano, 2006
all pictures taken by rinaldo rasa in venice, Italy (may 2021) and burano (september 2006)

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sunday may 23, 2021



from rialto bridge

As an amateur farmer I enjoy working in the garden in the afternoons during these months of lockdwon. Some economists argue that if a professional gardener does the gardening work then the national product increases. On the other hand, if an amateur does it, the national product does not increase.

My workmate is a blackbird who warns me when it’s time to stop working. It happens that he approaches me and begins to whistle. Or scrape the ground for worms letting me know it’s his turn.

Sometimes I find worms and let them be captured by the blackbird who looks at me rather surprised that I give up such a delicacy.

The blackbird then looks at me and I bet he thinks I’m really a fool. How can anyone give up such a delicacy?

saint mark square front…
and back
old shops
white on white

all pictures taken by rinaldo rasa in venice during second half april 2021


i love you all

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saturday may 1, 2021