” sunday wheather report – june 30, 2019 : i like big ship “

Remark, videos and photographs from Venice.
by Rinaldo Rasa, late Spring 2019.



Canale della Giudecca, where the big ships get throught.



There has been some controversy involving big ship in Venice. I have to admitt I support the big ship once I heard a grandmother holding her nephew and she said “Look at the ship where your father works.” The economy is globalised, if you stop tourism you stop the civilization hence Italy, our Country, will be old instead of ancient.

People must admire the city of Venice trying to be more inclusive because if we become closed off within ourself the result will be an exit of the biz … and all comes crashing down. This thought is coming from a man daily wandering in venetian calles (street).


See four video shorts from Venice

Drone, San Trovaso, Venezia giugno 2019

A drone : birds are scared or maybe they think it is an intruder. »




Venezia primavera 2019

big ship is running along the Canale della Giudecca… and small boats. »




Piazza San Marco primavera 2019

a small musical band plays music in Piazza San Marco. »




Gabbiano, sullo sfondo il Ponte della Costituzione, primavera 2019

seagull are now a constant presence and become increasingly sociable. »





Fondamenta de le Burchiele.




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sunday june 30 2019


” sunday wheather report : charles fourier “

The passions that divide us are a multitude in gradations but in summary there are only 810 characters. Nature distributes the characters in a random way among the children of both genders then 810 children randomly chosen have all the perfections of human Spirit. Each of them will be provided with the ability to be the great figures of Past as Homer, Ceaser, Netwton etc.

I have made a calculation looking at the current French population that is 36 million of people : I divided 36 million by 810 and the result is forty five thousand in France are as the poet Homer, another forty five thousand are as Newton and so on.

That is possible if from the age of three they have a proper natural Education hence in France it will be 45000 groups of people of the same character.

In the Future when the planet will be organised and populated by three billion people, we will have on the planet 37 million poets like Homer, 37 million scientists like Netwon, 37 million artist like Molière and so on all the natural talents.

(I done an approximate estimate and I wish not be taken literally.)


Charles Fourier, Théorie des Quatre Mouvements, 1808.





photograph by rinaldo rasa, venice spring 2019




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sunday june 16, 2019