SUNDAY WHEATHER REPORT : let’s go straight a new season

Venice mid-September 2020.

Noah druken in a statue at the corner of Palazzo Ducale in Venice.
Questa primavera ed estate mi sono dedicato a far crescere una vigna. Ecco i frutti.
This spring and summer I dedicated myself growing a vineyard. Here are the fruits.

Crowded City. Good news.

A greengrocer in a boat. (At Ponte dei Pugni)

Piazza San Marco sunny day.

San Canzian
John Sarget revised, Campo San Cancian

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all photographs taken in venice on september 12, 2020 by rinaldo rasa




sunday september 13, 2020

Sunday Wheather Report : end of august 2020 in venice

Venice in a glance.
Agosto è finito e tutti noi guardiamo avanti e pensiamo come saranno i prossimi mesi. Siamo indecisi cosa significhi il ritorno alla normalità dopo tutti questi mesi di epidemia.
August is over and we are all looking forward and thinking about what the next few months will be like. We are undecided what the return to normal means after all these months of epidemic.

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all photographs taken by rinaldo rasa in venice, saturday 22, 29 august 2020

sunday august 30, 2020


Sunday Wheather Report : after five months, my first wandering in the old City


on saturday morning
August 8, 2020

Dopo 5 mesi di lockdown tornato a venezia in tram da Mestre. In tram tutti i passeggeri, nessuno escluso, usavano la mascherina. Se un anno avessi indossato la mascherina sarei stato considerato strano, invece oggi è diventato normale.

Ovviamente la Città, non è affollata, insomma non segue gli ordinari standard estivi, ma si nota una ripresa.

Speriamo bene e che l’autunno in arrivo non ci porti brutte sorprese.

Walking through Venice after five months of lockdown. I arrived by tram and pleasantly surprised noticed all people with mask anticovid thus they demostranting to be very smart.

Of course the City is not so crowded as during past summers but there’s hope.

Here some snapshots I took yesterday morning.




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all photograpraphs by rinaldo rasa – august, 2020


sunday august 9, 2020


SUNDAY WHEATHER REPORT : a garden is the best alternative therapy

fioriscono i girasoli
ma il primo temporale
ne fa cadere alcuni

stanno ora appesi 
al muro del magazzino
raccolti in mazzo
legati con lo spago

in attesa come gli altri
di nutrire con le loro sementi
i passeri e le cinciallegre

sunflowers bloom
in the summertime
but the storm
made down some

now they hang upsidedown
tied up with string

like other waiting 
to feed the sparrows 

Four picture of Venice the day before the first day of lockdown march 7, 2020

i love you all


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blocknote drawing, poesy and photographs all by rinaldo rasa, july 2020.

sunday july 26, 2020


sunday wheather report : the sky above


Sunday Wheather Report : two months of lockdown

sunday wheather report : week five of covid-19 lockdown

my last photograph of venice rialto bridge taken at noon march 7, 2020 before the lockdown



This is a dream I made during these days of lockdown. In short I am on way going shopping at the supermarket but just all of a sudden I realize I do not wear face mask I forgot at home. Then I go home and tell to my mother “I am back just because I forgot the mask“.


You may say : what is so odd about that?


Yeah, well, I found inusual to disregard the existing rules about lockdown covid-19 but instead I think it is natural to talk to my mother died about twenty years ago.

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photograph and flowers by andy warhol(1970) detournement (2005) by rinaldo rasa





sunday wheather report : springtime

for easter day

enjoy the good old times feelings


i got my first digital camera in 2001, it was springtime— now it’s time travel during fourth week lockdown—

vibrant colors of pixels, long download, that was a different time, just different. as subject of my photographs was the venice mainland (named venice-mestre) where my house. here my very first pictures of a small farm with animals, hens and rabbits , a country home in town. i cannnot believe nineteen years passed since.


what happened to the small farm?


here a picture i taken in 2003



and at last 2006 the small farm was razed to build a parking lot. the last picture i took on april 8, 2006


but doesn’t lose hope, everything changes but the pixels wrote an everlasting memory.

picture taken by rinaldo rasa— 2001, 2003, 2006






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sunday april 12, 2020

wheather report : third week venice lock down for covid-19

I didn’t know which one was the picture to represent the lock down for covid-19 during this month and coming across my collected pictures I found this one.

The heavy snowfall on March two years ago.

Waving adieu to March 2020.

we hope for better

photograph by rinaldo rasa taken in venice,
near the san trovaso bridge 1th week of march 2018





I like you all



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tuesday march 31, 2020


Sunday Wheather Report: March 8, 2020

Silent Spring in Venice


In the deserted city. Venice waterbus running without passengers,
the railroad station seen at noon without people at the same time
normally crowded. The gondoliers w/out tourists by the Bridge of
Sighs, while thoughtful cat walk alone.

all pictures taken in venice, italia by rinaldo rasa, first week of march 2020

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sunday march 8, 2020