” the invisible(s) in venice december “

photographs taken by rinaldo rasa,

in venice december 2017
















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” the enlightenment “


Nationalist anti-Semitism seeks to disregard religion. It claims to be concerned with purity of race and nation.

Its exponents notice that people have long ceased to trouble themselves about eternal salvation now that the churches have been reduced entirely to the function of social control.


The average believer today is as crafty as only cardinals were in former times.


Horkheimer – Adorno , 1947











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” philosophical anthropology : the origin of übermensch “


The Mind as Concept is divided in two parts : a true Reason and an irrational way of Reason. The inner moments of this fraction are understood by a simple Mind. The depth of the Spirit must be pushed up to the Conscience of the Representation. Initially it seems an ignorant conscience, a naive conscience that matches the analogy of the organ of piss and the organ of generation in the same human organ. The Conscience of the Infinity is like the accomplishment of life by the alternate use of piss organ while instead the usual behavior of conscience is like the piss organ in the itself only used as piss organ.

(Mine translation of some lines by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, The Phenomenology Of Spirit).



These short lines from one of the most famous book of the Western Thought are really astonishing because them are at the beginning of the so called vitalism and perhaps male-oriented Culture along the Modern Times (two centuries since french revolution). In short it outlines a male oriented society of patriarcalism.


The joke-like by Hegel is connected with the critic of the phrenology science (cranium-logy) that assumes the shape of cranium (perhaps also visage) as a representative of spirit of a human being. 


But it is badly supported by the analogy chosed by Hegel.

A long discussion matter about racism (e.g. color of skin stands for low Spirit etc. etc.) I assume the glow of humoristic intent of Hegel in these lines. Anyway I disapprove the way of expression that seems to exclude the woman from the Spirit, at least from the Absolute Spirit.


Really a smashing philosopher…



Here for the Hegelians the german text :
Aber sich so als sich selbst und als ihr Gegenteil darbietend, und festgehalten in dem ganz einzelnen Momente dieses Auseinandertretens, ist sie unvernünftig aufgefaßt; und je reiner die Momente desselben sind, desto greller ist die Erscheinung dieses Inhalts, der allein entweder für das Bewußtsein ist, oder von ihm unbefangen allein ausgesprochen wird. – Das Tiefe, das der Geist von innen heraus, aber nur bis in sein vorstellendes Bewußtsein treibt und es in diesem stehen läßt, – und die Unwissenheit dieses Bewußtseins, was das ist, was es sagt, ist dieselbe Verknüpfung des Hohen und Niedrigen, welche an dem Lebendigen die Natur in der Verknüpfung des Organs seiner höchsten Vollendung, des Organs der Zeugung, – und des Organs des Pissens naiv ausdrückt. – Das unendliche Urteil als unendliches wäre die Vollendung des sich selbst erfassenden Lebens, das in der Vorstellung bleibende Bewußtsein desselben aber verhält sich als Pissen.



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