” pictoresque venice by rinaldo rasa “


selected photographs taken on early april 2018









i ask to you dear aficionado(s),
please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s)
outside the experienceofthinking
sunday april 08 2018

7 thoughts on “” pictoresque venice by rinaldo rasa “

  1. Nasuko : about bamboo it’s the same in Italy. Wait for May for bamboo growing. If you like I suggest you (if you have a Facebook account) be friends at


    My garden is at

    My bookshelf at

    My picture collection and other topics at

    Ciao, and again thanks for commenting.

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  2. Dr.experienceofthinking,
    Great Thanks sooo much!!
    about 1years ago,I set up my facebook!!
    But…I have nothing topics,so I leave alone it XD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I visit your facebook site and watch your banboo growing!
    Great thanks!!Ciao:D

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