” medieval turnstile in venice “

photographs by rinaldo rasa
taken on april 30 2018



feeling upset by the last decision of venice mayor. the entrance of the city is locked by turnstile surveilled by the local police. at the moment the turnstiles are at the beginning of calatrava bridge and lista di spagna calle. maybe in future other entrance will be established with the turnstile. i admit this situation is very embarassing.


first of all because the city becomes like it is a medieval age situation. second point the residents are privileged with a special gate. this i enuf for me because insted of being in an open world city this seems to be back in worst unimaginable localism.


of course it is a discrimination of the tourists and the only hope is this is perhaps an italian-style discrimination hence at the end it will be a sort of farce… but it is if possibile more scary.







i ask to you dear aficionado(s),
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outside the experienceofthinking
tuesday may 1 2018