an excursus in an anthropological politics close to anthropological philosophy


Autumn 1997.

Is Ted Kaczynski a schizophrenic or a criminal ? The man (55 years old) called “Unabomber” is now under process. A jury in the United States will be the audience of his answers regard his behavior during eighteen years during which he sent sixteen letters bomb exploding. He created a climate of fear in the States.
The trial began in Sacramento (California), the defense attorney of the former mathematics professor (Berkeley) pleads for the mental infirmity in order to save the life for his client. Theodore has become a hermit in his struggle against the computers.

Very uphill battle for the defense because in the States every behavior against the establishment, the actions anti-system is severely punished. Further problem is that Kaczynski refuses meeting with the psychiatrists.

Unabomber is accused for murder of three persons and injured twenty-three. The State’s attorney describes him like a radical extremist that hates everybody and everything relates with civilization : traffic noise, computers, pollution. Briefly he hates everythings conflicting with his view of the world.









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