wheather report italian indian summer 2021

The generations of
men are like those of leaves. The wind casts the
leaves to the ground, but the fertile forest
brings forth others, and spring comes round
again. So it is that the human races is born
and passes away.

Iliad, Canto VI

quoted by Guy Debord, Panegyric

photograph by rinaldo rasa, november 2021 in venice, italy



thanks everybody love you all !


thursday november 11 2021



halloweenesque time soon it will be over

new tourists in city, campo santo stefano (october 14 2021)

ancient gondola


at campo san geremia, rally in front of the rai italian broadcasting , i strongly disagree with these stupid novaxers who are truly a shame to all people died in this pandemic (october 15 2021)

giudecca canal in autumn

working in progress, venetian mainland… (october 4 2021)

now the lion of saint mark, venetian mainland (october 27 2021)

street art
all pictures taken by rinaldo rasa in venice, italy – october 2021

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sunday october 31, 2021


WHEATHER REPORT. MARCH 25, 421 A.D. and beyond…

Today is the 1600th anniversary birthday of Venice.

Alot of years maybe in the exact location where now I am writing on a virtual computing keyboard, on that date (march 25 421 a.d.) some ancient ancestors of mine had had the idea… but what idea?

Nobody knows. History is strange matter, it is not only matter of surviving instict to barbaric invasions after the fall of Ancient Roman Empire.

Anyway here are some pictures I took them two weeks ago due to the current pandemic covid-19 lockdown.

The Saint Mark Lion at Venice Arsenal, on the wall a quote by Dante’s Divina Commedia poem.

Saint George island seen at Riva degli Schiavoni

Crew people baskstage staff at Theater La Fenice

Ordinary life in the old city

Before (ancient time) and after (today) view near Tintoretto’s House

This one is for aficionados of the genre. (Campo San Pantalon)

mural street art (Rio San Trovaso)

all pictures taken by rinaldo rasa in venice, march 2021

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thursday march 25, 2021


sunday wheather report : week five of covid-19 lockdown

my last photograph of venice rialto bridge taken at noon march 7, 2020 before the lockdown



This is a dream I made during these days of lockdown. In short I am on way going shopping at the supermarket but just all of a sudden I realize I do not wear face mask I forgot at home. Then I go home and tell to my mother “I am back just because I forgot the mask“.


You may say : what is so odd about that?


Yeah, well, I found inusual to disregard the existing rules about lockdown covid-19 but instead I think it is natural to talk to my mother died about twenty years ago.

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photograph and flowers by andy warhol(1970) detournement (2005) by rinaldo rasa





Sunday Wheather Report : March The First 2020

Everybody knows that corona virus arrived in Italy therefore one has to be careful about, but Venice is an irresistible city : here the masked painters at work.


All the famous Venetian museums closed.





Banksy in Venice. (Ponte San Pantalon, near Campo Santa Margherita).

all photographs by rinaldo rasa

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sunday march 1, 2020

wheather report : sunday october 6, 2019


street art in Venice

Exhibit” collected works 2018


Blub has been on Venice walls for a number of years. His work was noticed little, anyway here is a picture collection of  stencils I took during year 2018.

January 2018

December 2018



pictures taken by rinaldo rasa, 2018.

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sunday october 6, 2019


” eight venetian snapshots before carnival 2019 “

february in venice

saint george island and gondoliere


venetian calle and view from rialto bridge


bridge near campo san giacomo dall'orio and mask shop


first mask carnival 2019, yesterday


thanks everybody



photographs by Rinaldo Rasa

Sunday February 24, 2019







” my eighth anniversary of experienceofthinking – thank you dear aficionados “

five pictures of venice italy


punta alla dogana


a venetian campiello and a fish market


photograph snapshots taken by rinaldo rasa

january 2019






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outside the experienceofthinking friday january 25 2019 

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” four pics between year 2018 and 2019 / 2018 と 2019 の間 一部の画像 “

Between past


and future



four venice snapshots by rinaldo rasa december 2018/ january 2019











i ask to you dear aficionado(s),
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outside the experienceofthinking
monday january 07 2019