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all pictures taken by rinaldo rasa in venice december 2021

ducks and gondolas at the burchielle


saint mark square from punta alla dogana


mask and mask



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friday december 31 2021


SUNDAY WHEATHER REPORT.2021.06.13 street art in venice…

that is not a biennale… anyway a bit better collected works by ordinary people i found wandering along the calle

all pictures takenby rinaldo rasa, venice, italy, june 2021




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sunday june 13, 2021


saturday wheather report : old words…

carved on the Stones of Venice.

Venezia come città romantica è stata inventata durante l’Ottocento da artisti anglosassoni come John Ruskin e John Singer Sargent . Però nella vecchia città è come stare perennemente sotto gli occhi severi di pietra delle statue, siano esse religiose o civili. Un osservatore silenzioso di chi la sta visitando. E questo da secoli.

During the nineteenth century anglosaxon artists like John Ruskin and John Singer Sargent invented Venice as romantic city. However within many centuries the city was never so romantic: this is not to say Venice was a version of Gotham City but from a young age when my parents driving me throught the venetian streets I was impressed by the stone statues.
These stone statues, civil or religious, had egle-eyed as a silent threatening look. For centuries this has been.

Saint Mark Square and its Christmas Tree 2020

On 1555 the philosopher Guillaume Postel was arrested in this house by the Holy Inquisition.

The words in ancient venetian language carved in stone say : here your complaint regarding medical malpractice in Dorsoduro neighborhood.

campo santa margherita

campo manin


street art

all pictures taken by rinaldo rasa in venice, italy – december 2020





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saturday december 12, 2020


Sunday Wheather Report : Venice on Late October 2020

This is a difficult year for everyone and I want to illustrate it with photographs that I hope will help.

Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible film crew temporarily blocked in Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio due to the epidemic.


all photographs taken by rinaldo rasa in venice on october 2020




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sunday october 25, 2020


Sunday Wheather Report : end of august 2020 in venice

Venice in a glance.
Agosto è finito e tutti noi guardiamo avanti e pensiamo come saranno i prossimi mesi. Siamo indecisi cosa significhi il ritorno alla normalità dopo tutti questi mesi di epidemia.
August is over and we are all looking forward and thinking about what the next few months will be like. We are undecided what the return to normal means after all these months of epidemic.

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all photographs taken by rinaldo rasa in venice, saturday 22, 29 august 2020

sunday august 30, 2020


Sunday Wheather Report: March 8, 2020

Silent Spring in Venice


In the deserted city. Venice waterbus running without passengers,
the railroad station seen at noon without people at the same time
normally crowded. The gondoliers w/out tourists by the Bridge of
Sighs, while thoughtful cat walk alone.

all pictures taken in venice, italia by rinaldo rasa, first week of march 2020

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sunday march 8, 2020


Wheather Report : Mardi Gras 2020

The last day of Carnival (Mardi Gras) in Venice presents itself in an unusual way, few tourists around, gray sky.

Here are some photographs.







The cat is inside.



all pictures taken in venice february 2020 by rinaldo rasa








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tuesday february 25, 2020



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Years going ahead, now in the ninth year on WordPress… here are few photos made in January. The City of Venice seems to get back to normal after the highwater during November and December.













All pictures taken by Rinaldo Rasa at Venice, Italia during jan 2020








thursday january 30, 2020


WHEATHER REPORT : rainy days

Acqua alta/High water Venice Autumn 2019.

I am old enough to remember the great flood of 1966 so I have to be honest with you : today the situation is better than fiftythree years ago. I just want to remind only a years ago have been difficult days like today hence I find a bit irresponsible the catastrophism althought the november 2019 floods are worrying. The city of Venice is a tourist town and thankfully always crowded, I have seen a lot of people find nice to take a picture in high water landscape. In short, the “acqua alta 2019” has reduced the tourism influx and his business, booking cancelled etc. this seems the problem.

About climate change : the left pic showing the “Ponte dei mendicanti” (Beggars’ Bridge) in february 1929 with the frozen canal (10°F) walking people under it, in the right pic (I took a few weeks ago) the same bridge.

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all photographs taken by rinaldo rasa

sunday november 17, 2019