” wheather report : sunday may 19 2019 – venice “

Rainy days in Venice nowadays, anyway… painters still enjoy.


Canaregio is one of the famous sestiere of Venice, you can see Canal de Canaregio towards the Grand Canal (not visible) from the Tre Archi Bridge. On the left side in the background it is the entrance to Ghetto Vecchio (Old Ghetto) .


The Ghetto of Venice is claimed to be the most ancient Ghetto in the World.

Ghetto Novo Square




The bridge that connects the Ghetto to Fondamenta de la Misericordia, in some way it was the line of separation from Catholic houses and Jews houses.



The old bridge is on the left side, it is restoring.



View from the bridge.




The old bridge viewed from the Fondamenta de la Misericordia





Venice Biennale 2019 is on the road…

photographs taken in venice by rinaldo rasa, may 2019






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Sunday May 19, 2019



” between april and may 2019 , venetian collected photographs”

Venice is OPEN for the whole world .

(As every other city in the world)


Fondamenta : this word means the pavement beside a rio, and a rio is a small canal. Very often a niziolo , it is a small rectangular signal labelling the place.

In this picture you see, on the left the fondamenta, in the middle the rio (Rio de San Sebastian), on the right the house where was living the painter Filippo De Pisis within the period from 1943 to 1949.


A street art stencil near Ponte Sartorio (Sartorio Bridge).

After the bridge there is the Rio Ognissanti.


Here it is a calle , in other words a small venetian street. Occasionally ancient buildings near the less ancient ones.


Soccer club in the Sestiere of Castello. A sestiere is the name of the oldest areas of Venice.


A gondoliere help himself with hand throught the rio that is too much tight for the gondola.



Campo Santa Margherita with an outdoor fish shop. A campo is a square initially it was a green field.


That is a view from Accademia Bridge. The boat in the Grand Canal is for installation of an artwork Venice Biennale Art 2019.



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photographs by rinaldo rasa taken in venice



Sunday May 5, 2019







” 3th week of april ” , collected photographs by rinaldo rasa .-

Venice is going…

Campo San Stin, sketches painter



Fondamenta Ca'Bala' - Calle Querini .
In the house ( on the right side )  in the picture 
lived the controversial poet Ezra Pound.



Rio dei Carmini



Fondamenta Pescaria



San Basilio, in the foreground 
"The Musicanti" (The Musicians statues)

and in the background Molino Stucky



Venetian campiello


Growing a tree in a wall, at Malcanton.






Photographs by Rinaldo Rasa, taken in Venice, April 2019




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Sunday April 21, 2019








” eight venetian snapshots before carnival 2019 “

february in venice

saint george island and gondoliere


venetian calle and view from rialto bridge


bridge near campo san giacomo dall'orio and mask shop


first mask carnival 2019, yesterday


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photographs by Rinaldo Rasa

Sunday February 24, 2019