SUNDAY WHEATHER REPORT : a garden is the best alternative therapy

fioriscono i girasoli
ma il primo temporale
ne fa cadere alcuni

stanno ora appesi 
al muro del magazzino
raccolti in mazzo
legati con lo spago

in attesa come gli altri
di nutrire con le loro sementi
i passeri e le cinciallegre

sunflowers bloom
in the summertime
but the storm
made down some

now they hang upsidedown
tied up with string

like other waiting 
to feed the sparrows 

Four picture of Venice the day before the first day of lockdown march 7, 2020

i love you all


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blocknote drawing, poesy and photographs all by rinaldo rasa, july 2020.

sunday july 26, 2020


sunday wheather report : week five of covid-19 lockdown

my last photograph of venice rialto bridge taken at noon march 7, 2020 before the lockdown



This is a dream I made during these days of lockdown. In short I am on way going shopping at the supermarket but just all of a sudden I realize I do not wear face mask I forgot at home. Then I go home and tell to my mother “I am back just because I forgot the mask“.


You may say : what is so odd about that?


Yeah, well, I found inusual to disregard the existing rules about lockdown covid-19 but instead I think it is natural to talk to my mother died about twenty years ago.

thanks everybody
i love you all
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photograph and flowers by andy warhol(1970) detournement (2005) by rinaldo rasa





sunday wheather report : springtime

for easter day

enjoy the good old times feelings


i got my first digital camera in 2001, it was springtime— now it’s time travel during fourth week lockdown—

vibrant colors of pixels, long download, that was a different time, just different. as subject of my photographs was the venice mainland (named venice-mestre) where my house. here my very first pictures of a small farm with animals, hens and rabbits , a country home in town. i cannnot believe nineteen years passed since.


what happened to the small farm?


here a picture i taken in 2003



and at last 2006 the small farm was razed to build a parking lot. the last picture i took on april 8, 2006


but doesn’t lose hope, everything changes but the pixels wrote an everlasting memory.

picture taken by rinaldo rasa— 2001, 2003, 2006






i love you all people

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sunday april 12, 2020

wheather report : third week venice lock down for covid-19

I didn’t know which one was the picture to represent the lock down for covid-19 during this month and coming across my collected pictures I found this one.

The heavy snowfall on March two years ago.

Waving adieu to March 2020.

we hope for better

photograph by rinaldo rasa taken in venice,
near the san trovaso bridge 1th week of march 2018





I like you all



i thank you

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tuesday march 31, 2020


SUNDAY WHEATHER REPORT : Wolfang Amadeus Mozart was here two hundred years ago

Carnival in Venice is just around the corner. After the big flood and fear of contagion people come back to find these carnival days, it is a good news because the mask has win against the “mask”.

Anyway I have found this label on the wall, the sign says “Here stayed a 15 years old Wolfang Amadeus Mozart during Carnival 1771 having fun.” All right, you would say, what’s the scoop? Venice the city is full of memorie like that.




So here are the pictures of “view from the bridge” series… oh I forgot : the house where Mozart was is at “Ponte dei barcaroli o dei cuoridoro” ( translation: gondoliers bridge hearts of gold ) and the cat was looking near the Tintoretto house.

picture taken by myself in venice february 14, 2020




rinaldo rasa

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sunday february 16, 2020


sunday wheather report, september 29 2019 : word camouflage


photograph credit to unknown author from my web archive


There are many strange things in the world. Our native tongue is initially a gaming experience, no need mention to filosophy of language, on the contrary we only need a dictionary.


A number of years ago I was reading my dictionary and… what a surprise! I’ve seen the word “Coca-Cola” and the symbol (Tm) trade-mark beside it. I thought of a world which every word has a copyright, copyright holders, and so on.


Hence the world of communication is not too different from economics and the proliferation of slang is a way to skip out royalties on behalf of right-holders ancestry.


Seem strange about this?


cat in venice, acqua alta bookstore, 2018 photograph by rinaldo rasa







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sunday september 29 2019


” sunday wheather report – june 30, 2019 : i like big ship “

Remark, videos and photographs from Venice.
by Rinaldo Rasa, late Spring 2019.



Canale della Giudecca, where the big ships get throught.



There has been some controversy involving big ship in Venice. I have to admitt I support the big ship once I heard a grandmother holding her nephew and she said “Look at the ship where your father works.” The economy is globalised, if you stop tourism you stop the civilization hence Italy, our Country, will be old instead of ancient.

People must admire the city of Venice trying to be more inclusive because if we become closed off within ourself the result will be an exit of the biz … and all comes crashing down. This thought is coming from a man daily wandering in venetian calles (street).


See four video shorts from Venice

Drone, San Trovaso, Venezia giugno 2019

A drone : birds are scared or maybe they think it is an intruder. »




Venezia primavera 2019

big ship is running along the Canale della Giudecca… and small boats. »




Piazza San Marco primavera 2019

a small musical band plays music in Piazza San Marco. »




Gabbiano, sullo sfondo il Ponte della Costituzione, primavera 2019

seagull are now a constant presence and become increasingly sociable. »





Fondamenta de le Burchiele.




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sunday june 30 2019


” sunday wheather report : charles fourier “

The passions that divide us are a multitude in gradations but in summary there are only 810 characters. Nature distributes the characters in a random way among the children of both genders then 810 children randomly chosen have all the perfections of human Spirit. Each of them will be provided with the ability to be the great figures of Past as Homer, Ceaser, Netwton etc.

I have made a calculation looking at the current French population that is 36 million of people : I divided 36 million by 810 and the result is forty five thousand in France are as the poet Homer, another forty five thousand are as Newton and so on.

That is possible if from the age of three they have a proper natural Education hence in France it will be 45000 groups of people of the same character.

In the Future when the planet will be organised and populated by three billion people, we will have on the planet 37 million poets like Homer, 37 million scientists like Netwon, 37 million artist like Molière and so on all the natural talents.

(I done an approximate estimate and I wish not be taken literally.)


Charles Fourier, Théorie des Quatre Mouvements, 1808.





photograph by rinaldo rasa, venice spring 2019




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sunday june 16, 2019





” wheather report : sunday may 26 2019 “

John Ruskin,

Beat hotel in Venice…

and burger king.


Wandering in Venice is like being in a Time Machine. Those old, ancient polished stones by the footsteps are, perhaps, the best visitingcard for Venice.

Fondamenta alle Zattere, that is the house in which John Ruskin lived in 1877 now it is an inn.




[1] Modigliani House [2] Rio de le Romite [3] Locanda Montin (The Beat hotel in Venice at the time of Beat generation in the Sixties of past century.)


That summer, Gregory rented a house in Venice, which he shared with Jean-Jacques Lebel; it was where Modigliani had lived in 1903. They each had a large room and there was a palm tree in the garden. Jean-Jacques shared his room with his girlfriend, the American poet Sandra Hochman, who later won the Yale Younger Poets Award for her 1963 collection Manhattan Pastures. Jean-Jacques said, “She was a very charming lovely American sexual hysteric. And Gregory asked me to share this house with him and we had a wonderful summer. Alan Ansen was there and Harold Acton, an English lord, a friend of the Queen, multimillionaire with this fantastic art collection in Florence. He was gay and he liked the beatniks, he liked us a lot. I wasn’t gay and Gregory wasn’t gay but he liked Alan Ansen and they used to go out looking for boys together.” Gregory enjoyed dining with Acton and Ansen and moving in their upper-class circles. He bought himself a dinner jacket and went to the Casino, where he naturally lost what little money he had brought with him. Then his luck changed. Jean-Jacques remembered, “I remember Gregory7 getting money for Gasoline from Ferlinghetti. It was a $1,000 check. It was the first $1,000 check he ever had. He didn’t know what to do with it. He didn’t have a bank account, neither here nor in America. It took two weeks to find a way to translate it into Italian lira. And he went into the choicest tailor, on St. Marks Square, where Harold Acton got his suits. So Gregoiy got this suit made out of white alpaca. He was so proud. I think he spent half of his check on that suit. It was a suit for a prince. He came to the restaurant and said, ‘Look at my suit man, no more of this Lower East Side shit for me, man! I’m a prince!’ and everybody applauded, everybody was so happy. And after a week he had never taken it off, he slept in it, he spilled wine on it, vomit on it. And from white it had become a sleazy disgusting grayish color, and it was full of spots. But he still wouldn’t take it off, ‘Look at my suit man! Look!’ “I remember very well, one evening we were leaving Montin’s on the Dorsoduro, that fantastic restaurant where we all paid for our dinners with our paintings. It’s a traditional artists’ place where we all used to eat, on a small canal. Everybody had lots to drink. There was Alan Ansen and Gregory. And Sandra had this big enormous New York Jewish ass. That’s what I liked about her, and everybody liked. It’s disgustingly chauvinistic but it’s the way we felt. And Gregory was not a sexual person at all, but that evening, I don’t know what happened, he felt that he was allowed to be a little bit of a rascal and he did something very New York Italianish. He went ‘Ugh!’ and he grabbed her ass. And Sandra, remember she’s trying to behave like a lady, she turned around and said, ‘Oh! Gregory, man, stop it!’ and he says, ‘Wassa matter Hochman?’ He called her Hochman. ‘Why is it this Frenchie can see your ass, and I can’t see it? That’s
discrimination, man! I wanta see it too!’ You know what she did? She just shoved him. Right into the canal. It was one of the small canals, the Rio delle Eremite, and immediately all the Italians start screaming, ‘Man in the canal!’ And it was filthy. They dragged him out from a gondola and there was the $500 alpaca suit and it was just like an old Kleenex out of the gutter. And he says, ‘Hochman, what did you do to me? I’m a poet. You don’t throw poets in canals, Hochman!’ He started raging. It was wonderful and horrible at the same time. She shouldn’t have done it but Christ, it’s her ass, you know? These things happen. Oh God, his poor suit was all fucked up.” Gregory, broke as usual, returned to the Beat Hotel from Venice. The Casino had taken the remainder of his royalties. Bill regarded the situation with equanimity: “Of course Gregory was always in and out. I remember someone saying, ‘Gregory is difficult.’ Well he’s a poor Italian thief. He went to reform school. He was brought up in that whole atmosphere of being a thief. He had sense enough to get out. See there’s not so very many ways out from that; one of course is the Mafia, but not anybody can get into that. They all want to but they don’t want so many of them. Gregory decided he was a poet and he just stuck with it. He called up Auden in the middle of the night. ‘This is Gregory here!’ ‘Gregory who?’ ‘Gregory the POET!’ “Gregory had no visible means of support and managed to live in Paris on his wits, able to cadge a drink here, a meal there, to sell something or be given gifts, usually by women. My dear he always had girls. Always had girls. He had one there called
April, or was she November or September or something? Yes he did. He always wanted his rocks off. He always came up with something. He was always writing big manuscripts and annotating them and selling them as first drafts. Somebody else would find they had one too. He wrote a great deal when he was there.’’

Miles, Barry. The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs and Corso in Paris, 1957-1963 Grove Atlantic.


Rio (Canal) de le Romite,

where poet Gregory Corso took a dive.


The “Beat Hotel” in Venice.


Street sign to Natural History Museum



This is one of the stables where in the past time

cows produced a high amount of milk for Venetian people.

Sestiere of Santa Croce, Fondamenta dell’Arzere.



The Building over there was the market of horse meat.
Campo San Polo


Trails of catholic devotion in Venice.

(by Fondamenta de la Misericordia, Canaregio)


Masks everywhere. This one near Campo San Barnaba.



Street art graffito near Burger King

in Venice, Ponte degli Scalzi.






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photographs taken by rinaldo rasa in venice




sunday may 26 2019