SUNDAY WHEATHER REPORT : Wolfang Amadeus Mozart was here two hundred years ago

Carnival in Venice is just around the corner. After the big flood and fear of contagion people come back to find these carnival days, it is a good news because the mask has win against the “mask”.

Anyway I have found this label on the wall, the sign says “Here stayed a 15 years old Wolfang Amadeus Mozart during Carnival 1771 having fun.” All right, you would say, what’s the scoop? Venice the city is full of memorie like that.




So here are the pictures of “view from the bridge” series… oh I forgot : the house where Mozart was is at “Ponte dei barcaroli o dei cuoridoro” ( translation: gondoliers bridge hearts of gold ) and the cat was looking near the Tintoretto house.

picture taken by myself in venice february 14, 2020




rinaldo rasa

thanks everybody


stay tuned!





sunday february 16, 2020