not less than six

Hard times for British Monarchy. The crow of the Tower of London is dead. He was the legendary guardian of the Monarchy and from initial reports it seems that a anti-drug dog has killed the crow.


This is a serious crime because the number of crows in the Tower must be six , if they are less than 6 it happens that the Tower collapses in association with the Monarchy.


This event happened on sunday 27 august 1995. That morning the spaniel called Charlie was on patrol near the Tower and he killed Charlie, ironically the crow had the same name as the dog. In a hurry the dead bird was substituted but not before some hours. Hence for some hours the crows in the Tower of London were five.


A spokesman for the royal palace with aplomb said,’We have two replacement crows. Quickly we have promoted one of them as guardian’.













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sunday october 22 2017