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JK 1922-1969
hey jack ! wherever you are

On the road is the story about a long wandering of conflicted characters thru a mysterious world. They live driving cars in a search of reality letting go to spontaneity, a lost innocence in the modern States during early 1950’s. A rebellion against the conformism.


That is the book cover of my book bought 50 years ago (november 1969) in a second-hand book stall. I finish reading the book in some weeks traveling by train, in those times the news that Kerouac died was on the front page. Italian translation is by Magda de Cristofaro and the foreword by Fernanda Pivano, the latter during the 1960s and 1960s a friend of beats. It is interesting to know that this translation remained identical until today, no one tried with alter it because is by now a classic although some parts have defects as creaking old viniles are part a special feeling.


This cover is from my first book in the original language, at that time (early 1980s) it was not so simple find english books. I bought this copy of OTR at a stand in Piazza San Marco, Libreria internazionale SanGiorgio Venezia (Italy).
The cover shows a detail from Athlete’s dream by Larry Rivers.




By comparing the different styles how OTR is presented we can understand how times change.

… papier-mâché mountains grew red as the great sun rose from the eastward plains.

Kerouac, Jack. On the Road (Penguin Modern Classics) (p. 45). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

During the glory days of internet worked a very nice mailing list of the Columbia University NYC … I found there a nice team of Beats they can teach us as the web is a friendly place …

The covers of OTR scanned from my books I have in my bookshelf.

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beat artists

Collected Images

1997-2019 edited by Rinaldo Rasa

Dennis Hopper and Michael Bowen photo 1996 copyright I.Paoli collection, I.Paoli private library Florence Italy San Francisco opening night photo at the De Young Museums hosting of the Whitneys touring “Beat Culture and the New America” exhibit. artist Michael Bowen and actor/photographer Dennis Hopper were exhibited in the main gallery

Beat artist Bowen painted Lennon at Titenhurst house, Lennons place in England near Windsor castle.Bowen was invited there from India by Dan Richter Johns companion and best friend. When Bowen arrived at the place on his birthday in 1969,the household was in disarry, police searches everyday, hari krishnas just kicked out after having tried to wheedle an old chinese temple on the grounds from John. John , depressed, kicking junk after just returning from Scotland where he recorded Cold Turkey. Bowen named the 8 Lennon pieces he did in the week he was living with john and yoko “The Cold Turkey Suite”

poet Gregory Corso and artist Michael Bowen in front of famous beat hang out “Cafe Trieste in San Francisco. late 1970s. photo copyright Roberto Ayala collection of ,I.Paoli, private library Florence Italy.

Artist Michael Bowen and poets Allen Ginzberg and Michael McClure together at Ginzbergs last photo exhibit. 1996 in San Francisco. photo copyright I.Paoli property of I.Paoli Beat library, Florence Italy In this photo McClure appears to salute , with his wineglass, I.Paoli as she takes the photo. Actually McClures well known modesty hides a mid process in the installation of new dentures. “A good fortune for McClure, which race and poverty had denied black poet Bob Kaufman, michael bowen

roberto ayala & michael bowen 70s trieste s.f. foto maitreya bowen

ginzbergs dream is over (Michael Bowen ©)

co existance bagel shop 1957 original photo by roberto ayala –courtesy by Michael Bowen

monroe original photo by roberto ayala –courtesy by Michael Bowen

anger an original photograph by michael bowen –courtesy by Michael Bowen

James (Jaf) Frankfort studio 1954.

3 pictures of my father, todd moore—jason moore

Michael Bowen Poet wood block 2005

Michael Bowen average thinking 2006

Here is a reunion of sorts. Jerry Kamstra and Michael McCracken, Jr. in Santa Cruz 11-99. Jerry and my father were best friends, along with Arthur Monroe and Michael Bowen. Michael McCracken, Jr

Alan Kaufmann, 1998

William S. Burroughs — courtesy by Patricia Elliott

WSB hat and David Rhaesa, 1997 — courtesy by David Rhaesa I think that’s me and Dennis Moore’s Hat.–David Rhaesa, 2003

Ohle in Lousiana, 1997 — courtesy by Patricia Elliott

Ted Joans, 1997 — courtesy by Mike Watt

Jack Kerouac and Gian Pieretti october 1966 in Italy

William S. Burroughs — courtesy by Patricia Elliott

James — courtesy by Patricia Elliott

Gregory Corso and Fernanda Pivano in the 60’s

Charly — courtesy by Patricia Elliott

pic of Michael McCracken — courtesy by Michael McCracken, Jr.

Janis Joplins and Big Brother San Francisco 1966 – courtesy of Michael Bowen

Credit Robert Baldwin for this one!

Giuseppe Ungaretti (1968)—these are my rivers (ferlinghetti’s favourite italian beat poet)

Allen Ginsberg and italian avantgard poet Edoardo Sanguineti– photo credit to Inge Feltrinelli

Here’s a picture of David Meltzer at a reading in the 60’s

Here is a picture of Arthur Monroe –courtesy of Michael McCracken, Jr.

Caleb Carr (son of Lucien–core beat), Albany 2001.

1983 hey all, april’s first day: d. boon’s b-day give him a thought love from watt

1971 Ken Kesey

2002 This is a recent photo of Claude by Pelieu by Laki Vazakas.—courtesy by Charles Plymell.

1963 Here’s one of Allen and Neal in San Francisco by Charles Plymell.

1998 Andy Clausen, Charles Plymell, Ray Bremser, Janine Pommy Vega in Cherry Valley, 1998.—courtesy by Charles Plymell.

Jack Kerouac

K.T. Wiegman at Jack Kerouac Street — photo by jon fox

A recent photo of Hammond Guthrie

Fernanda Pivano— Genoa july 2001 — courtesy newspaper laRepubblica

Ferlinghetti cab

Man with beard —courtesy Leon Tabor

Neal & Ann—courtesy Leon Tabor

JK , the grave

Fernanda Pivano and Jack Kerouac Milan 1966 photo taken by Ettore Sottsass courtesy frassinelli editore

1979 Castelporziano – Rome – Poetry Festival on the beach

1963 Allen Ginsberg in India and in London on his 39 birthday

Daunbailo Tom Waits John Lurie Roberto Benigni

Tom Waits

Kerouac On The Road Voyager 2002

Michael Bowen “donde esta la pastura”

beat folks (circa summer 1997)

Marshall McLuhan and Ginsberg poster on the wall 1968

The great Chinawski Don Franks is the great Chinawski

Erni Bär
It was just a bold try by someone (me!) who admires the Beats since almost 40 Years. As a matter of fact I consider myself very serously as a genuine “Dharma Bum” since I have studied quite some time with Tibetan masters but never left the Beat background totally behind. On my website you learn that I refer to them and compare their high energy level with the concept of Tibetan lineages. I feel “BEAT”, though never had any real contact with one of the guys. I have been to Marin County and have climbed Mount Tamalpais where Jack slept outside sometimes. I have seen Sausalito and I have strolled around a little bit in Greenwich Village where the guys used to roam around half a century ago—Erni Bär — visit me on

Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Tom Christopher cartoonist_—-As a writer I have written the definitive biography of Beat Generation writer Neal Cassady

Peter Edler painting libby@home 2006

MIKE WATT the bassist: hey, I’m trying to get the hang of this self-timer thing on my camera!—29 april 2006.

"roll the dice"

if you're going to try, go all the
way. otherwise, don't even start.

if you're going to try, go all the
way. this could mean losing girlfriends,
wives, relatives, jobs and
maybe your mind.

go all the way.
it could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days.
it could mean freezing on a park bench.
it could mean jail, it could mean derision,
mocker, isolation.

isolation is the gift,
all the others are a test of you
endurance, of how much you really want to
do it. and you'll do it despite rejection and the
worst odds and it will be better than
anything else you can imagine.

if you're going to try,
go all the way. there is no other feeling like
that. you will be alone with the
gods and the nights will flame with

do it, do it, do it.
do it.

all the way
all the way.
you will ride life straight to
perfect laughter,
it's the only good fight
there is.

(from "what matters most is how
well you walk through the fire" by
charles bukowski)

Erni Bär bodhidharmadada 2005 – I found in Hamburg port area/ CTA Container Terminal the other day – I found while strolling through Hamburg city (remember Guy Debord!) – Resin Buddha – Tashi Delek! Dharmadada Erni Bär Autonomer Klebe- & Nutzmüllkünstler Autonomous Glue- & Garbage Artist Zeitgenössischer ästhetischer Urheber Contemporary Esthetical Originator

MICHAEL BOWEN Cafe Life, oil on canvas. Lent by Phil Johnson from re beat exhibition san Francisco 1996


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Tolstoy once said “Art is bringing people together”.

The following review in Italian and English will introduce you to a subterranian California artist who has had a continuous impact on global cultural affairs for the last 50 years. Until recently Michael Bowen’s highly valued paintings, drawings and assemblages have been known only to a small elite group of international collectors. On this page are links that will give you a peek into his vast and growing body of work and take you behind the scenes in the creative firmament of the Beatnik led cultural revolution of the 1950s and 60s.
The 1967 global happening, engineered by Michal Bowen, his Guru, John Starr Cook, and the staff of the San Francisco Oracle, called the ” Summer of Love”, culminated in the historic 1969 Woodstock Festival and continues to bring people together who desire artistic and spiritual liberty while caring and sharing with one another.

Prato speciale Carmignano Domenica 6 Decembre 1998
Saturday December 19th 1998 in the gallery of Carmignano

In mostra le opere di Michael Bowen un leader della rivoluzione artistica

Sabato 19 Dicembre la saletta adiacente al salone ospiterà i lavori di un artista, vero
leader nella rivoluzione culturale, un artista di grande prestigio
lo statunitense ed attivista, ruolo che gli è stato riconosciuto: Michael Bowen.
Il pittore e’ considerato a Carmignano e ha accettato la proposta della Pro Loco
con entusiasmo, come artista che nutre amore per la nostra terra.
E’ un personaggio conosciuto per la pittura ad olio,
come acquaforgio di fama internazionale e filosofo spiritualista. Ha esposto le sue
opere in molte mostre d’arte orientale ed occidentale.
E’ famoso nei musei statunitensi ed europei. Per Carmignano e’ un grande onore poterlo ospitare.




Heres what they are saying about Bowen in Italy

“He is the father of Performance Art.!”

by Stella Spinelli

“Everyday he expresses into the canvas

the activities and experience that were flooding his life.”

Saturday the Pro Loco, cultural association of Carmignano will have the

honor to inaugurate the exhihition of paintings by Michael Bowen,

paintings of San Francisco, Mexico, Hawaii, India and Tuscany.

Michael Bowen is a famous artist who is known all over the world; he is a

philosopher, spiritualist, historian. He is an exponent of the greatest

prestige of the |”Beat Culture”. His best works have been shown in the most

famous Museums. From the Whitney Museum in New York to the De Young

Museum in San Francisco. He lives now here among us in a characteristic

ancient villa of Carmignano. Here he lives with his young Florentine wife,

Isa, and their son Indra age 2, his 28 year old daughter Maitreya, and

major domo, Mr. Ram . He also maintains his other studio in Hawaii kept

by supporters.

Michael Bowen has led a fascinating and itinerant life: born in Bcverly HiIls,

California, December the 8th 1937, he attended the Chounard Art Institute in

Los Angeles. In this city at 16 years of age he created his first art studio. For one

year he lived and apprenticed with the great artist, Ed Keinholz, collaborating with

him and others in the pre-beat movement that has drawn personages of prestige

such as Andy Warhol.

In 1957 he moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Since then, and thanks to

many exhibitions in famous galleries of that city, his works have been acquired

and protected by many European and American collectors. In the early 1960s he

went for the first time to Mexico, which has become the favorite goal of his

painting tours. Back in San Francisco he created the greatest example of

performance art, the “Human Be In”, with his collaborator in performance art,

Allen Cohen, with whom he also created a great magazine of science, art, and

metaphysics called, the San Francisco Oracle, that expressed to the public the

concept of the “Beat Art”. He has inspired the cultural revolution in the U.S.A.

where he played the role of activist leader. The years between 1966 and 1998 see

the “Hi8” style of Bowen. Everyday he expresses into the canvas the activities

and experience that were flooding his life. Since that time he has become one

of the principal catalysts in artistic circles of the International avant garde. He has

sojourned in India and in England where he has known John and Yoko Lennon.

He has lived in Japan and in Cambodia where he has united the visual symbolisrn

of east and west. His paintings are rich in sophisticated mysticism, the fruit of his

complete experiences and prolific paintings in different lands.

Stella Spinelli
translation, I.Paoli

Pete Seeger 2006

MICHAEL BOWEN work of art from 1955 hail to the jewel in the lotus

Walter Hopps Berman Ferus Gallery alley 1959 courtesy by MICHAEL BOWEN

Berman show Ferus cross 1957 courtesy by MICHAEL BOWEN

Harold Norse photo courtesy by aaron 2006

20 december 2002 (_45_) mike watt birth day “the cord that spun that top was its own joy!” – dante, ‘paradiso’ (canto xviii) . . . . . here’s some fish and eggs I just cooked to chow for my b-day breakfast: “the cord that spun that top was its own joy!” – dante

MIKE WATT gobble gobble gobble

1962 Allen Ginsberg in Italy _giangiacomo feltrinelli photo archive_ (c) laRepubblica 2002

PETE EDLER a painting january 2007

Iggy Pop & Mike Watt october 29, 2002

.T. Leroy and Asia Argento 2002


PETE EDLER painting titled Sir! march 2007

MIKE WATT POLAR BEAR happy 2003 for the folks on this sphere

WAR POETS TOUR 2003 Poet Ron Whitehead and friends

Broughton as the ventriloquist & Alex Gildzen

Nick Cave 2003

Charlie Newman 2003

Mike Watt Polar Bear 2004 … still a little time left to say… happy new year! … st_pedro_sunrise_for_2004 … catalina_from_pedro … st_pedro_sunset … watt_the_polar_bear … watt_and_his_paper


<h2 trekking in mountains 1998

JUDY HENSKE legendary singer / songwriter

PETER EDLER remember 2007

Gregory Corso , 1987.

Michael Bowen ciao rinaldo questa photo e di un personaggio beat sconosciuto. del1959 che ho scattato io in san francisco grant ave e green ave. michael bowen

HUNTER S. THOMPSON Oh by the way, the reason you could find Hunter was because he was busy, see? Mowing the Lawn! Ha! alot of thanks to

Peter Edler writer artist in the beat underunderground street avantgarde

PETER EDLER, Hillary Clinton collage 2007

RICK GRIFFIN a cult figure who has set the iconographic terrain for three distinct subcultures


Hunter Stockton Thompson and Johnny Depp in 1998

Wayne Propst Recent Photo , october 2007


MICHAEL BOWEN John Lennon at home 1970

MICHAEL BOWEN Dog Dreams of Angel

MICHAEL BOWEN Checking in Katmandu 1970

MICHAEL BOWEN Flesh of gods

John Coltrane

”Remember Madrid” Michael Bowen painting April 2004 Bäck family collection ”Remember Madrid” Finally the trial February 15, 2007

Mike Watt Polar Bear Swim 2005

MIKE WATT _banyan_ 2007

MIKE WATT d.boon 2007

MIKE WATT iggy 2007

PETER EDLER, acrobats for peace – september 2007

MICHAEL BOWEN, NOW – november 2007

RICHARD BRAUTIGAN, short story in SF – november 2007

MICHAEL BOWEN Turk le clair michael bowen hawaii 2004

MICHAEL BOWEN The Dancing Flowers of Tepoztlan

MAN WOMAN The Door of Poetry

KENNETH H. BROWN standing in front of the new Living Theatre in NYC

MICHAEL BOWEN ” iran hangs gay children ” 2007

MICHAEL BOWEN ” certificate of honor from the mayor of San Francisco ” september 2007

MICHAEL BOWEN painting, Black Joes Amsterdam Bar


RAYMOND PETTIBON : one of the most influential artists to emerge from southern California.

PETER EDLER as painter Just finished this – I call it Spring. Best, Pete

Hunter S. Thompson and Ron Whitehead courtesy by ron whitehead

Ron at Gonzo mailbox and Woody Creek Road sign august 2005


my wife isa and i in our jungle hut 2005 playing music– michael bowen

the crushing of mexico by the american elephant painting by bowen 1983 — michael bowen

games people play carmignano tuscany italy 1997 — courtesy michael bowen

MICHAEL BOWEN AND ROBERTO AYALA on the trail mexico 64 by roberto ayala.. on the way to meet friends from an indian village that just got a hand mimeograph machine to communicate with the outside world thank you to Michael Bowen and his gentle courtesy for the photo

MICHAEL BOWEN PAINTING city living © Phil Johnson 1980, 2006 thank you to Michael Bowen and his gentle courtesy for permitting his wonder on this site


the weather at home by Peter Edler 2007

Ron and Sarah Whitehead february in Portugal 2007


PETER SIMMONS Hendrix pic was taken in August 1970. this photograph of Jimi Hendrix that I took at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. Isle of Wight the crowd They were taken for a Swedish magazine, Hant I Veckan and published 11 September 1970. thanks alot peter!

WAYNE PROPST resides Lawrence, KS artist, writer, slightly mad genius, friend of William S.Burroughs—many thanks to courtesy of patricia elliott

PETER EDLER painting ”Kiss”

Ron and Sarah Whitehead in Portugal 2007

Beat Comrades by MICHAEL BOWEN



MIKE WATT POLAR BEAR 2008 saltwater plunge off pedro

Pallet Knife, Hammond Guthrie 2007 ( january 2008 )


HAMMOND GUTHRIE, cell phone service painting – 25 april 2008

ERNI BAER, Dharmadada Zengarten 1997 – 25 april 2008

HAMMOND GUTHRIE, Picture for Picture…. – posted 7 JANUARY 2009.

MIKE WATT, Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears 57th Annual First Swim of the Year 2009 – posted 7 JANUARY 2009.

PETER EDLER, painting- posted 20 AUGUST 2012



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