” jean-jacques rousseau at the time of internet “

Nowadays it seems zillions of fake accounts impacted the democratic elections in Us of America (2016) and in Italy (2018).


The frontier of Social media is on the public eyes as a challenge for Democracies in Western world. Commercials in Politics is a well known thing since birth of Press and the rise of Public opinion.


Internet is a good thing, everyone in the world have thank the english-speaking countries for that, in primis the U.S.A. The debates about wrong/good President of America is still growing and it will be reviewed on its merits but what I mean is a warmful praise to America because this Country demonstrates to be a great Democracy until the free speech is a guaranteed as it is.


People are allowed to criticize the Politics using their legitimate social accounts, this is egalitarianism (or direct Democracy) as Jean-Jacques thought centuries ago. But, the fake accounts are still a problem hence I hope the true free speech must legitimated by a real account when published on the Internet.


Excuse moi, I am thinking as being Jean-Jacques Rousseau.







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friday august 3 2018