WHEATHER REPORT : rainy days

Acqua alta/High water Venice Autumn 2019.

I am old enough to remember the great flood of 1966 so I have to be honest with you : today the situation is better than fiftythree years ago. I just want to remind only a years ago have been difficult days like today hence I find a bit irresponsible the catastrophism althought the november 2019 floods are worrying. The city of Venice is a tourist town and thankfully always crowded, I have seen a lot of people find nice to take a picture in high water landscape. In short, the “acqua alta 2019” has reduced the tourism influx and his business, booking cancelled etc. this seems the problem.

About climate change : the left pic showing the “Ponte dei mendicanti” (Beggars’ Bridge) in february 1929 with the frozen canal (10°F) walking people under it, in the right pic (I took a few weeks ago) the same bridge.

thanks everybody !
stay tuned.
all photographs taken by rinaldo rasa

sunday november 17, 2019