SUNDAY WHEATHER REPORT.2021.06.13 street art in venice…

that is not a biennale… anyway a bit better collected works by ordinary people i found wandering along the calle

all pictures takenby rinaldo rasa, venice, italy, june 2021




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sunday june 13, 2021


wheather report : last day of autumn 2020

Sometimes we talk and appear to be very smart. But suddenly someone explains what we said making us seem less smart than we thought: always we listen our own internal language then we speak. We need instead someone must explain what we really said.


there three cats near tintoretto house in venice



gheto novo [venetian ghetto square]


grand canal


saint mark square


catullus alley


Passer, deliciae meae puellae,
quicum ludere, quem in sinu tenere,
cui primum digitum dare appetenti
et acris solet incitare morsus,
cum desiderio meo nitenti
carum nescio quid lubet iocari,
et solaciolum sui doloris,
credo, ut tum gravis acquiescat ardor:
tecum ludere sicut ipsa possem
et tristis animi levare curas!
Gaio Valerio Catullo,
Carme II
catullus translated by rinaldo rasa
A sparrow together to my little young woman
kept on her lap for
her delight, she
plays with him
fingertips touch his beak, when I am
sad I would to be
like you my
little young woman
have a break
forgetting pain …


blub street art
all pictures taken in venice november 2020 by rinaldo rasa





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monday november 30, 2020

Sunday Wheather Report : Venice on Late October 2020

This is a difficult year for everyone and I want to illustrate it with photographs that I hope will help.

Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible film crew temporarily blocked in Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio due to the epidemic.


all photographs taken by rinaldo rasa in venice on october 2020




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sunday october 25, 2020


” glance to an old city “

Sant Tomà looks at Rialto


Saint Mark Square with bell tower (R) and two columns (C) and the Church (L)



Saint Mark Square in the background look from the Piazzetta dei Leoncini



Shop window at Campo Santa Maria Formosa



Small canal




Photographs by Rinaldo Rasa




These are photographs I took yesterday saturday 20 october 2018 and it shows a pictoresque Venice with a personal glance to the old City.







i ask to you dear aficionado(s),
please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s)
outside the experienceofthinking
sunday october 21 2018