” 250 years ago : rationalists and snails “


On may 27, in the morning, I cut off the head to twenty snails. Fifteen day later two of the snails which I cut the head had a new head and I saw them eating his food. They still eating at the moment. I have no doubt that if I cut off the head to a snail after twenty days she has a new head with her fibers, her nerves, her mouth, her eyes etc. Also a boy can cut off the head to a snail but it needs a mature man to explain where had gone the ideas, the sensibility etc. of the decapitated snails? Always we believe the head is the site of the sensibility and of the ideas and the principle of the vitality. The regeneration of the head is the refuting of ten thousands books about Metaphisics since the Greeks… and it is a sincere thanks to snails. The Nature is really a force. I think in a future that the Science could make a new good head to a man that has not one. The philosophers and theologians are like a child, they do not have the reason. The real world is so deep, it is an abyss hence the mankind must bow to the Nature.

(Sigularités de la nature, François-Marie Arouet Voltaire, 1768)







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