” a political remark for the folk of my country and for the good people all around the world “

The image above is dated 13 november 1993 and it explains a map of Italy scheduled for 1999 by the Right Party called Lega Nord. The south of Italy cut out by the Nord of Italy. It is at the same time an offensive opinion about southern people using the word “terrone” that is a pejorative term for southern Italians. Kill the southern people! seems to be the slogan of this Party. Now after the Italian Elections for the Parliament (march 4, 2018) this political group has a signifier percentage in Nord Italy and it claimed to be the defender of Italian citizens against the invasion of African people. But this photocopied document explains that it is not true: this Political Party is and was xenophobic , racist and also egotist. It is not a political force fit to rule the country as well on the domestic side, european side and international side.