jokes that kill poets


Monty Python in the seventies did a tv sketch called “The killer joke”. Now I wish remembering that the jokes are a long habit in ancient Greek culture.

The danger of jokes has been subject of essays by Sigmund Freud in the modern western culture. But not anything like what happened to Homer the old Greek poet.

Here it is the joke:

It was sunset and Homer was sitting to the edge of the promontory looking at the boat of the fishermen coming back home.
‘How is the fishing?’, said Homer.
‘The things that we caught we thrown overboard. But we bring with us the things that we have not caught ‘, said the fishermen.
Homer the poet was brooding thinking about the solution of the conundrum. Days after days but no solution. Finally Homer the poet was so shocked and disappointed not being able to solve the puzzle that he died.













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monday october 23 2017