” keep calm get a coffee : the roots of modern populism in europe “

Thirty-one years ago the death of Michel Colucci also known as Coluche. In the history of Europe he was the first comedian candidate for the political election. His candidature was in late Seventies or early Eighties, and I remember very well that Coluche was supported by one of the most famous philosopher of the XXth century as Gilles Deleuze. The candidature was a flop. This was not time but the seeds was planted : for the first time a show-man a television star had a chance to become a political personage for true political election. The cutting edge of a new movement.


A time leap : january 24 1996 . the news was that Beppe Grillo the well known italian comedian had his web site. Somebody say there is nothing new under the sun, and that is true, of course. The difference was that in the Seventies of past century after a while the Coluche supporters left their support. But now in the middle of Nineties Beppe Grillo had avery second hundreds of email of encouragement by the people. The new stage in now the Internet and the Television lost the first place. At that times Beppe Grillo was excluded by the television programs and he had his revenge. The applauses of people (populism) by email and cheers and invititation to give lectures in Universities etc. have created the legend of Beppe as the solution of the social deprivation. He begun in that year to blog on the Internet his reflections about the Italian situation and other things.


An another time leap : 2017 : Beppe Grillo and his founded Movement called “Five stars” have the thirty per cent of the votes of the electorate. And it seems that in the Italian political election during the coming year 2018 the “Five stars movement” will be the first political Party. But this so called populist movement is not satisfied by the thirty per cent he claims to be fifty one per cent. He does not need partners. This is the point that makes a bit confusing to myself also not mention that the motto of the Movement 5 stars is “fuck off !” . Calembour or true political programs it is hard to say.

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saturday november 18 2017