goodbye china ( by goffredo parise )

‘ It’s my last day in China. I am walking towards the border. The formalities are fast because I am accompanied by the authorities. The railway bridge is here and I walk across it while the authorities are watching me with a waving of hands they say goodbye.
‘Come back again in the future. Not alone. We will like to see you and your wife and your children.’ But I have not children anyway.


I am going up in the train when I am at the end of the bridge. The railway wagon is full of Europeans that are buy now whisky, american cigarettes, chocolate bars, Coca-cola, newspapers. Our common everyday vices. Then the train goes on.
It is on Sunday : I see the bay full of small beaches when chinese girls wearing bikini and with long hair sunbathe on expensive yacths. These beaches are crowded of people listening radio broadcast Beatles songs ; I see girls in miniskirts and Chinese boys long-haired.


I see houses in the suburbs then passed a hill I see the skyscrapers of Hong-Kong.
Hong-Kong the city where you can buy love paying some dollars and everything whatever you wish. Everything except the ideas. We call it West, or Free World. ‘


[excerpt from “Cara Cina” by Goffredo Parise, 1972 ]












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