sunday wheather report, september 29 2019 : word camouflage


photograph credit to unknown author from my web archive


There are many strange things in the world. Our native tongue is initially a gaming experience, no need mention to filosophy of language, on the contrary we only need a dictionary.


A number of years ago I was reading my dictionary and… what a surprise! I’ve seen the word “Coca-Cola” and the symbol (Tm) trade-mark beside it. I thought of a world which every word has a copyright, copyright holders, and so on.


Hence the world of communication is not too different from economics and the proliferation of slang is a way to skip out royalties on behalf of right-holders ancestry.


Seem strange about this?


cat in venice, acqua alta bookstore, 2018 photograph by rinaldo rasa







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sunday september 29 2019


” 2th week of april 2019 -:- from venice “

Venice , weather report


Painting a squero, a place where gondolas handmade (San Trovaso)



Cat, seagull and mouse . It could be cat demonstrate 
a lack of interest for mice .


Look at the time : my wristwatch compared with the
sundial at Arsenale of Venice tower.

photographs by rinaldo rasa





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sunday april 14, 2019



the cat is at the window (one of the most famous photographs from the former agenda19892010)

i have taken this picture

ten years ago february 10 2007

at the campo dei gesuiti in venice

the black and white cat

is looking at me

oh time is going over







i ask to you dear aficionados, please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s) outside the experienceofthinking







Saturday February 11 2017