wheather report italian indian summer 2021

The generations of
men are like those of leaves. The wind casts the
leaves to the ground, but the fertile forest
brings forth others, and spring comes round
again. So it is that the human races is born
and passes away.

Iliad, Canto VI

quoted by Guy Debord, Panegyric

photograph by rinaldo rasa, november 2021 in venice, italy



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thursday november 11 2021


sunday wheather report. 20210411. pictures from today… and from a gone world

questo sono immagini di venezia, la città vecchia, prese nei giorni immediatamente dopo la fine del lockdown rosso di pasqua 2021

venezia the old city, eight pictures i took after red tier lockdown first week of april 2021 … and the last is a picture of a gone world i took on june 2006

rialto bridge on morning april 6, 2021

saint mark square, june 30 2006

all pictures taken first week of april 2021 and june 2006 by rinaldo rasa in venice





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sunday april 11,2021