sunday postcards…

from venice, italia

the invisible men summer meeting 2022 in venice

campiello de le strope do not write on the walls

the indifferent venetian cat

important for ducks: on the yellow sign at the background: hunting prohibition

street art, but not related to biennale 2022

all pictures taken in venice italy july 2022 by rinaldo rasa




sunday july 31, 2022

” venice biennale 2017 is over ( finally ) “

i follow arthur schopenhauer statement , ‘ unfortunately we often find, represented with deceptive naturalness, prepared and served dishes, oysters, herrings, crabs, bread and butter, beer, wine, and so forth, which is altogether to be condemned. ‘ hence i got a snack orange juice and toast


— credits foto to rosa and federica :

snapshot taken in venice summer 2017 —









i ask to you dear aficionados, please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s) outside the experienceofthinking – sunday november 26 2017