wheather report : dubuffet in venice 2019

Dubuffet in Venice
Autumn 2019
An art exhibit I’m doing a small story. Dubuffet’s painting was exposed in Venice in early Sixties at Palazzo Grassi and later in early Eighties, past century, at Venice Biennale.
During this Autumn I visited the exhibition in Palazzo Franchetti a great palace overlooking the Grand Canal, near the Accademia Bridge. I was surprised about the location because an avantgard artist would have been better in M9, the new Museum of the twenty century in Mestre, anyway nevermind… Venice City remains a good place for Arts and artistis.
Saying that I took these pictures and see the path from the dark to light that comes from sun rays reflections on Canal water, I have right the idea of the exihit in this palazzo.
Oh, I almost forget … Dubuffet, Malevitch and Michaux are my fav painters.
thanks everybody
stay tuned!
pictures taken by rinaldo rasa, october 2019
thursday, 2019 12 19