Monthly postcard from Venice, april 2022

Venice early Spring

…time machine back to seventies

saint george island

gondolas (not related with art)

the invisible man is here

street art

Venice Biennale 2022

‘For only men themselves have created this world of nations – that was the first undisputed principles of science, but it has doubtless proceeded from a spirit which often differs from men’s particular goals, sometime opposes then and is always superior to them; these limited goals this spirit has rendered subservient to its higher ones, constantly using them to preserve the human race on the earth’

Giovanni Battista Vico


All pictures taken in Venice on April 2022 by Rinaldo Rasa






sunday april 30, 2022


16 thoughts on “Monthly postcard from Venice, april 2022

  1. Grazie a te. Buona Domenica.
    Nice Sunday and wonderful week yo You! It’s a pleasure follow your blog.
    Excuse me my friend, can You remind me your name please?

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