monthly postcards from VENICE , MARCH 2022.

old and new

Something went wrong with this door.

Town of Venice. IT IS FORBIDDEN to walk on flower beds and damage plants and artifacts in any way (ordinance 18424 – 5875 of 11 November 1875) to bring dogs without muzzle and without leash (regulation 1 of 22 January 1925). IT IS ALSO FORBIDDEN to ride a bicycle and play ball in the paths.

An antique gondola parked

A squero, that is a place where gondolas are built

Each of you knows that a war is taking place not far from the borders of the European Union caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here the back of the building of the Russian pavilion of the Venice Biennale, and I noticed the date of 1914, exactly the year in which the First World War began in Europe. Until 1914 in Europe people thought of the belle epoque, but the following years showed the opposite.

stone of venice:street art

all pictures taken in venice march 2022 by rinaldo rasa










14 thoughts on “monthly postcards from VENICE , MARCH 2022.

  1. Venish had been my facinating place to visit since my childhood..Though couldn’t ever be there. But happy to see some of the pic and read some information. THANK YOU 😊😊

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