Sunday Wheather Report : after five months, my first wandering in the old City


on saturday morning
August 8, 2020

Dopo 5 mesi di lockdown tornato a venezia in tram da Mestre. In tram tutti i passeggeri, nessuno escluso, usavano la mascherina. Se un anno avessi indossato la mascherina sarei stato considerato strano, invece oggi è diventato normale.

Ovviamente la Città, non è affollata, insomma non segue gli ordinari standard estivi, ma si nota una ripresa.

Speriamo bene e che l’autunno in arrivo non ci porti brutte sorprese.

Walking through Venice after five months of lockdown. I arrived by tram and pleasantly surprised noticed all people with mask anticovid thus they demostranting to be very smart.

Of course the City is not so crowded as during past summers but there’s hope.

Here some snapshots I took yesterday morning.




thanks everybody

stay tuned

i love you all !


all photograpraphs by rinaldo rasa – august, 2020


sunday august 9, 2020


24 thoughts on “Sunday Wheather Report : after five months, my first wandering in the old City

  1. grazie ! in venice there are several street art paper glued on wall mainly signed by “blub” (of course banksy has his oeuvre too) . the picture you refer is very good and painted in blub-esque style.

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  2. Hope this epidemics will be out…
    but for now it is good practice have face mask and social distance. I known that should be a good practice for all hence the sorrow feeling if this not happen.


  3. Dear Erni,
    I am very happy that you remember BeatSuperNova fondly. This gives me the opportunity to trace a brief history of the supernova which was born 23 years ago, exactly in September 1997, so it is now more than twenty years old.

    In 1996 I joined the Columbia CUNY electronic mainling-list, at that time there were no social networks, but if I have to tell the truth, the BEAT-L of Columbia was a truly fabulous online experience with the best minds I’ve ever met in the internet.

    One of the questions was very often who was beat on not beat, and the answers were so many, sometimes leading to what were called flame wars. A truly disastrous flame war practically led to the end of BEAT-L, and it was called KAC (Kerouac Archives Controversy) which led to the dissolution of the mailing list (1998).

    However at that time Beatsupernova was already born. I began by proposing a List of Beatgeneration names, and in a short space of time many Beat-L members offered me a deluge of names to add. Sometimes even images, photographs from that period, etc.

    During the 2000s, I collected an immense amount of ideas and people who had no direct links to BEAT-L, including you as a contributor to many pages on the website.

    Now I am calmly updating the look of the site by migrating to new HTML technologies, but the spirit remains the same, I hope you will want to contribute also in the future.

    Ciao, ciao.


  4. Well, Rinaldo – I consider myself beat but I’m also one of the few remaining Dharma Bums which is just a very recent Buddhist lineage beginning with Jack Kerouac. Thank you!

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