sunday wheather report : refrain in praise

JK 1922-1969
hey jack ! wherever you are

On the road is the story about a long wandering of conflicted characters thru a mysterious world. They live driving cars in a search of reality letting go to spontaneity, a lost innocence in the modern States during early 1950’s. A rebellion against the conformism.


That is the book cover of my book bought 50 years ago (november 1969) in a second-hand book stall. I finish reading the book in some weeks traveling by train, in those times the news that Kerouac died was on the front page. Italian translation is by Magda de Cristofaro and the foreword by Fernanda Pivano, the latter during the 1960s and 1960s a friend of beats. It is interesting to know that this translation remained identical until today, no one tried with alter it because is by now a classic although some parts have defects as creaking old viniles are part a special feeling.


This cover is from my first book in the original language, at that time (early 1980s) it was not so simple find english books. I bought this copy of OTR at a stand in Piazza San Marco, Libreria internazionale SanGiorgio Venezia (Italy).
The cover shows a detail from Athlete’s dream by Larry Rivers.




By comparing the different styles how OTR is presented we can understand how times change.

… papier-mâché mountains grew red as the great sun rose from the eastward plains.

Kerouac, Jack. On the Road (Penguin Modern Classics) (p. 45). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

During the glory days of internet worked a very nice mailing list of the Columbia University NYC … I found there a nice team of Beats they can teach us as the web is a friendly place …

The covers of OTR scanned from my books I have in my bookshelf.

thanks everybody !
stay tuned.

sunday october 27, 2019

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