” equinox september 2019 “

Rinaldo Rasa

acrylic on bamboo paper handwritten




by Giacomo Leopardi

Where are you going,
tender little leaf,
so far from your bough?
The wind tore me away
from the beech where I was born.
Whirling as he flies, he spirits me
from wood to meadow
and from hill to valley.
I wander with him endlessly,
disregarding everything.
Where all else goes I go,
where by nature rose
and laurel leaf go,too.

(Translated from Italian by Jonathan Galassi)




Giacomo Leopardi


Lungi dal proprio ramo,
Povera foglia frale,
Dove vai tu? Dal faggio
Là dov’io nacqui, mi divise il vento.
Esso, tornando, a volo
Dal bosco alla campagna,
Dalla valle mi porta alla montagna.
Seco perpetuamente
Vo pellegrina, e tutto l’altro ignoro.
Vo dove ogni altra cosa,
Dove naturalmente
Va la foglia di rosa,
E la foglia d’alloro.




Thanks everybody

Stay tuned!



monday september 23 2019


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