” wheather report : sunday may 19 2019 – venice “

Rainy days in Venice nowadays, anyway… painters still enjoy.


Canaregio is one of the famous sestiere of Venice, you can see Canal de Canaregio towards the Grand Canal (not visible) from the Tre Archi Bridge. On the left side in the background it is the entrance to Ghetto Vecchio (Old Ghetto) .


The Ghetto of Venice is claimed to be the most ancient Ghetto in the World.

Ghetto Novo Square




The bridge that connects the Ghetto to Fondamenta de la Misericordia, in some way it was the line of separation from Catholic houses and Jews houses.



The old bridge is on the left side, it is restoring.



View from the bridge.




The old bridge viewed from the Fondamenta de la Misericordia





Venice Biennale 2019 is on the road…

photographs taken in venice by rinaldo rasa, may 2019






thanks everybody ,

stay tuned !




Sunday May 19, 2019


7 thoughts on “” wheather report : sunday may 19 2019 – venice “

  1. Denise : grazie/thanks for commenting , you are right , at the ancient european times the ghetto was a place where people were obliged to live , many areas in Venice had this character .

    Keep in mind that centuries ago before the discover of America , Venice was as New York or SF today.

    Ciao 🙂 .

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