” homage to john singer sargent “

First Week of April 2019 in Venice


Painting Campo San Barnaba over there the grocery store on small boat


Fondamenta de le Burchiele and the factory (L) with houses for workers (R)


Canale de Canaregio


Rio de Ognisanti


Near San Marco a Madonna look the calle


The Port of Venice with the Musicanti statues (on the background you can Mulino Stucky)


Campo dei Gesuiti


Sestiere of Castello



Now I like offering a homage to John Singer Sargent

the above scene was painted by sargent…


…and now my photograph

I have taken (april 2019) this picture in the same place painted by John Sargent





photographs by rinaldo rasa

thanks everybody

stay tuned!

sunday april 7 2019













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