” an industrial archeology community in venice “

snapshot taken by rinaldo rasa august 7 2018 venice, fondamenta burchiele


In this picture it is represented a glance about the industrial past of Venice. For several years in past century Venice was also an industrial city with a great appeal of investors. Of course times change hence today it is tourism the main appeal for employment. Old buildings are still here, maybe converted into hotels and government offices. On the right you see the factory with the original chimney, on the left you see the houses of workers. This housing represents the view of a community without strict interruption life and labour. It followed to an ideology of a thought between old handicraft and modern factory.







i ask to you dear aficionado(s),
please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s)
outside the experienceofthinking
thursday august 9 2018

2 thoughts on “” an industrial archeology community in venice “

  1. Rome in Italy has a long history, so it is very interesting.
    It is said that the Japanese waterways in the Meiji era referd to Roman waterways.:D

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  2. Nasuko : I bet Japan has a long history at least than Rome and Venice. For Venice I am sure Japan was longer Culture. I thank Internet because can link nearer Culture so faraway. Hence the World will be a Village. As usual I thank you for commenting. Ciao.

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