” a letter from a russian populist to his son “

I know I am an old man. My idea about botany and zoology originates by the eighteenth-century mainly by Lamark. I admit darwinism is not new for me but Darwin is a scholar of Cuvier and Darwin did not know Lamarck which was a modest and reserved man.


Darwin followed Malthus who is a sophist that says sometime smart things but for a bad reason. Darwin got the rotten things of Malthus thinking that good is evil and evil is good. This is an absurdity almost inoffesive if applied to trilobites or fossils substitued by other zoological forms. Studying the Africa tribes he noted the war is matter of fact, black people kill each other but Malthus and Darwin said it is good that human beings fight for life. Hence Whites can slaughter men of black skin without any feeling of guilt. Our duty is not to become wild man but to be human being not barbarians. In Africa we must to use honest and good ways. But Darwin ignores this.



Chernyshevsky , exiled in Siberia, in this letter written to his son Alexander, explained as Darwinism, if applied to social life, is dangerous and source of racism. (Letter of 12 january 1871, from ‘ The Russian Populism’)




i ask to you dear aficionado(s),
please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s)
outside the experienceofthinking
thursday july 19 2018

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