” maury’s fatal dream ( and sigmund freud ) “


Maury was sick in bed into his room. His mother was sitting beside him. He dreamed about the Terror in the French Revolution, he saw horrible bloody scenes and then he was brought to the courthouse. Here he saw Robespierre, Marat, Fouquier-Tinville and all the sad heroes of that era. He was obliged to explain about a lot of incidents that he forgot hence he was condemned and brought to the place of execution. A lot of people, an immense crowd was in there. He climbed the scaffold while the executioner tied him to a table; then the table was flipped and the blade of the guillotine went down. Maury feels his head cutting, he see the head separated by the body. In a hurry he wakes up in panic. But he realizes that headbord of the bed crashed hitting his neck as the blade of a guillotine.


This was a dream quoted by Sigmund Freud in his masterwork “The Interpretation of Dreams”. When I read it almost forty years ago I laughed, and every time I think of this dream I think it is the most beautiful lines of the book. Also Freud during the next pages and often quoted this dream that hit him. The headboard hit Maury’s head, he wake up hence the guillotine story was lived in milliseconds.







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friday april 20 2018

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