mushrooms are not part of the vegetal world they are a separate world

a big mushroom tries eating my garden, photograph by rinaldo rasa , summer 2015



A professor of the Toronto University argues the point that the most ancient still living being is a mushroom called Armillaria Bulbosa. It is an underground monster and it is edible. But it is not possibile using it in a recipe for a risotto because it is in deep under ground and its weight is 100 tons. The location is Crystal Falls at the border between Michigan and Wisconsin and it is spread along an immense grid of millions of tendrils in an area of 250000 square yards. The exact measure is of course difficult anyway the age of this mushroom is 1500 years.

Until now most people think that the biggest oragnism is the whale Balaenoptera musclusus. For example a blue whale arrived aground in Falkland Islands in 1909 was 40 meters in lenght. Another whale catched in 1947 was 210 tons weight. In vegetal world the winner is the giant sequoia Sequoiadendron Giganteum calle also General sherman 90 metrs in height in California National Park.

Anyway the Armillarias is famous because it is possible an exact measure of his longevity and size hence said the Scientist that the Mushroom of Michigan was born during the times of the Ancient Roman Empire. It is expected it does not grow but it is possibile the existence of other mushrooms like that. The discovered mushroom is very resistant because it survived of a big fire of the woods in 1928 that destroyed the woods but not the Mushroom.



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sunday november 5 2017

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