a vrykolakes found peace


At the beginning of XX century some belief about vampires were widespread in Europe for example in Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. Since that time things are going better. Today the crisis of mass hysteria and panic are at a very low level. Sometimes the fear of vrykolakes, revenants or vampires can rise up again for example in the serbian village of Gornje Stopanje (Leskovac) in september 2009 ( see http://www.pressonline.rs/info/politika/79963/vampir-u-selu-kod-leskovca.html ). Perhaps you think that the disappearing of vampires should be a victory of science against the prejudice. Yes it is true, but largely it is a matter of politics. During the past in Eastern culture of Europe it was a contrast between Christianism and Islamism. The Church believes in revenants while Islam doesn’t believe in them.


The Islamic people were until the defeat of the Empire (year 1918) identified with Turkish people while the Christian people were identified with strictly speaking with the European traditional beliefs (including vampires or vrykolakes) . The Christian Orthodox as religious authority claimed always that a dead man not buried becomes a vampire. For example a corpse found with no sign of decomposition and not buried has a wide range of possibilities to become a vampire. The consequence of this fact is the revenge of the not buried man against the village.


Of course the Church was the only authority that with exorcism can fight against the vrykolakes vampire because the islamic culture has not this skill. With the fall of Turkish empire in Europe after the Great War the necessity of contraposition between Christianism and Islamism was not so important hence the belief of vampires and revenants was diminished because it was not necessary to support the European culture against the Islamic culture.



Nowadays the vampire is a weak figure, forgotten and he lost his identity. The politics buried him. Maybe… for ever?




(text paraphrased by me from tommaso braccini, archeology of vampires, 2011)











i ask to you dear aficionados, please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s) outside the experienceofthinking

friday august 11 2017



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