hey ! sir karl popper


Tuesday July 28 1992.

‘The matter is that Khrushchev wished to put 50 atomic bombs in Cuba equivalent to 150 bombs of Hiroshima. This fact is clear. Put bombs in a location because it means to Kennedy : I am ready to launch to America a lot of bombs. That’s the matter. Khrushchev wanted to destroy the Usa. I have clearly explained this in a big wise book’ – said Karl Popper.
‘The main idea of communism it is that capitalism is the hell hence it must be destroyed. It is the meaning of atomic bombs in Cuba’ – said Karl Popper.




Karl Popper was a philosopher that was against the means of communications . He said his idea in an interview aired by television. That is good. But after this pitch at the end of the interview in the credits roll was written : the full interview is now available in tape or Cd. This is really the misere of philosphy.














i ask to you dear aficionados, please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s) outside the experienceofthinking

wednesday july 19 2017








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