deutsche grammophon speaks my mind


what is really a good advertising ? a common point of view about advertising is linked with mendacity. the firm claims his product is very good in absolute way. sell with a good advertising , sell your product to everybody increase your market and profit. unwrapped the product you see something different hence a disappoint about marketing. covers of book that seem deliver a content very good then read only five lines you perceive that you got a hoax or something like. said this pitch.

deutsche grammophon the famous german music company is really the exception that proves the rule. the cover of ‘shostakovich string quartets’ show in evidence the symbol of “hammer and sickle” hence you know exactely what is about the content. you got what you wish. cheers to deutsche grammophon and the sincerity of german economic business at least in cultural industry.


















i ask to you dear aficionados, please do not divulgate thi(e)s(e) picture(s) outside the experienceofthinking

friday july 7 2017






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